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Ornithological tour to Kamchatka


The peninsula of Kamchatka offers a habitat to numerous bird-species due to different landscape-forms. One finds coast-birds, forest-birds of the stone-birches and coniferous-forests, mountain-species and species of wetland-areas, here. The possibility, there is to discover also rare species like the Stellers Sea-Eagle and the Gyrfalkon beside the typical and here frequent Taigaspecies.


1.Day: Journay to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

2.Day: Arrival in Elisovo. Go to Pinachevo. Walk in the stone-birch-forest and riverside forest. Overnight stay in tents.

3.Day: Go to the Pacific-coast by a terrain-bus to the nature park Nalychevo to the cape Nalychevo. On the way observations of the Pacific-coast (swamp, river Nalychevo, sand-coast). Overnight stay in tents.

4.Day: Walking-tours and observations in the nature park Nalychevo at the cape Nalychevo (habitats): Sand-coast, rock-coast, swamps (river).

5.Day: Walking-tours and observations at the the cape Nalychevo. Overnight stay in tents.

6.Day: Go by a terrain-bus to Pinachevo. Overnight stay in tents.

7.Day: Day-boat-tour to the bird-island Starichkov. Observation of Pacific coast-birds (Tufted Puffin, Pelagic Cormorant (Pelagic Shag) and Red-faced Cormorant (Red-faced Shag), perhaps on the way Stellers Sea-eagles, whales, seals, dolphins). Overnight stay in tents in Pinachevo.

8.Day: Go to the coast of the Ochotsker sea. Overnight stay in tents.

9.Day: Day-hike on the coast and swamps. Overnight stay in tents.

10.Day: Day-hike on the coast and swamps. Overnight stay in tents.

11.Day: Take the terrain-bus to the volcano Avacha. Observations in stone-birch-forests, pine and alder-forests, mountain-tundra, high mountain regions. Overnight stay in tents.

12.Day: Observations in stone-birch-forests, pine and alder-forests, mountain-tundra, high mountain regions, 1000-2000m .NN. Overnight stay in tents.

13.Day: Go to Pinachevo. Overnight stay in tents.

14.Day: Departure



- Full-board

- Housing in tents

- Transportation

- German/english-language trip-management

- Excursion-program

- All transfers, trips and entrance-fees

- Visa-support (without dues)


- journey to Kamchatka

- Visas (65,00 Euro)

- Registration: 20,00 Euro

- Tent (rent a tent 100 Euro/2 persons)

- Sleeping bag

- personal editions

- Trip-insurances

Unavoidable alterations of the trip-course are left for reservations.

Participant-number: from 5 to 10

Organizers: pr-naturetours

Date: 30.06.- 13.07.2009

Costs per person: 5 to 7 participants: 2350,00 Euro (without air-fare to Kamchatka); 8 to 10 participants: 1950,00 Euro (without air-fare to Kamchatka).

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Character of the tour

At bird-species, we become the typical Taigaspecies (for example Siberian Rubythroat, Black Capercaillie) once, then the coast-birds. Inclosed you will find a species-list for Kamtschatka. Since we will visit almost all typical landscapes, we have also good chances to see many of these species. One can almost everywhere find brown-bears, but one can have also bad luck and sees no one. This depends on many factors: Availability of food (fish, berries), our behavior then normally escapes the brown-bears on Kamtschatka. The exact route will establish we after the realities on the spot.

Aatmosfair contribution

For the coming and return flight for a person to Russia (Asian), climate-relevant emissions of height of approximately 5360 kg originate. Through a voluntary contribution of 108 EUR at a climate-protection-project, for example in India you can contribute to the relief of our climate. More, you find to it under

Photo-galleries birds of the Nalychevo Nature Park 2008 Birdmonitoring in the Nalychevo Nature Park 2008

German infos for travellers registration contact